CorbinFisher starring Brayden (CF) and Jonathan (CF)

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The instant he made his debut on CF, Jonathan became quite popular with CF fans. Given his handsome face, defined body, big pecs (covered in just the right amount of hair!) and obvious enthusiasm for hot action, it�s not hard to see why! These two are a perfect fit for one another. Neither would even think to hesitate when it comes to showing off just how much they love sex. Jonathan loves to fuck, and Brayden loves to get fucked. Even before Jonathan�s dick finds its way in to Brayden�s hole, though, the kissing and sucking these two get in to show us they can�t get enough of one another. I have a feeling Brayden, even after all of the hot action he�s gotten in to at CF, was beyond thrilled he had the chance to get paired up with and fucked by Jonathan. The way he hungrily goes after Jonathan's load makes that apparent!

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